The Good Cry: Mickey’s Christmas Carol

Here’s a quick pointer as to why Mickey’s Christmas Carol might be my favorite Disney thing ever: the way Mickey Mouse (as Bob Cratchit) cries when at the grave of his son Tiny Tim is laid to rest.

Look at crying Mickey Mouse here. Look at him! You can see him staring reality in the face, not wanting to accept it, but having no choice. If his son has a tombstone and is lying underground by now, we know the death wasn’t just a few minutes ago — probably a day or two at least. But still, he’s fighting it, freshly horrified. His mouth hangs open, his eyes are watering…


…he grips that cane like it is his son. It’s all that’s left.

And this is just killing him. Look at his face bunch up:


I remember being 15, waking up and being told my grandma died just a few hours earlier. My face bunched up uncontrollably just like that. Sometimes when I cry, if it’s especially hard, my face will squeeze itself like that. It’s very rare, but happens… let’s say, once every couple of years. Buddy of mine died a couple of years ago and I think that was the most recent time. I had red little spots all over my face afterward and stuff. Man, I miss him. But I digress.

Point is, that’s exactly what we do in the immediate aftermath of a loved one’s death. Sometimes not just the immediate aftermath. The math period can go much longer than just right after.

My dad broke his back when I was a kid — shattered his tailbone — and my grandpa looked at him in his hospital bed, powerless. I could tell it was destroying him. He said “Buddy, I wish I could switch places with you,” and I know he meant it. (Yeah all the boys were “buddy” and girls were “babe” in my family.)

He would’ve put down whatever money or possession you named, if it meant he could take that pain for his kid. It might sound nutso for me to say that I see this in a 26-minute Disney holiday special, but hell, I do. I see it in Mickey Mouse’s face. He’d switch with Tim in a heartbeat. (We’ll conveniently ignore the potential implications for the rest of the family in such a scenario.)

Mickey’s Christmas Carol is one of the best winter specials you can watch, for this moment as much as any other.

Maybe I’ll write more about the rest of it at a later time, but that “maybe” right there is me adding a safety net for myself, because I know that there’s like a 0.0004% chance of me ever doing that.

Betway Commercial Embraces Gambling Addiction

It’s rare that a commercial — apart from perhaps beer commercials — openly mocks the users of its product or service. Below, we see Betway advertising its sports gambling service. Take a look at the behavior of the user:

He’s just like a true gambling addict. He’s swept up in it. He’s oblivious to the life-threating danger all around him. He’s about to get eaten by very real sharks, but all he can do is tie every single piece of information about his reality to the prospect of winning a sports bet.

Look at the way his fingers twiddle with delight as he talks about dropping a bet, all the while demonstrating what it’s really like to be 100% addicted to something.

“Always a game to bet on?” Holy fucking shit, this commercial is subtly encouraging you to never stop gambling.

It ends with “For love of the game,” and it wants you to think that means football/soccer. No, that’s referring to the game of gambling, but the target audience won’t know that. Betway wants them to think they’re just being hardcore football fans when they log in and bet a few pounds.

This, friends, is one hell of a bold commercial. And when you think about it, kind of uncomfortable.

Best Video Game Podcast Salutes: Child of Light

The podcast is supposedly on a break till at least mid summer… but if we make an episode out of the blue… well… we won’t get mad if you won’t. Enjoy this podcast about the Ubisoft Montreal masterpiece Child of Light.

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It’s Cool, Wipe Your Hands on Your Pants

Pants Disinfect.

Think About It

There are only two possible outcomes that follow “Yeah, but think about it.” Whatever you say next is either going to make people open their eyes and see something they couldn’t until your sagelike wisdom crossed their paths, or expose the fact that you’ve been misunderstanding something perhaps your entire life. You’ll either look like a genius or a fool. Be ready for that.

My Wife Was All Like “If You Like Those Final Fantasy Characters So Much Why Don’t You Marry Them!?” Challenge Accepted

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Welp, here we go. The podcast hosts picked a few Final Fantasy characters that might be marriage material for the other. How’s that for a dating game?

00:32 – The rules, the setup
03:45 – 3 Roster cuts & mismatches
09:57 – Heath picks dudes for Nell
20:42 – Heath picks a lady for Nell
23:34 – Nell picks ladies for Heath
35:07 – Side quest: a backup plan
36:54 – Nell picks a dude for Heath
40:26 – Nell’s own picks, conclusions

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Best Video Game Podcast Top Search Result on Google Episode 13 – A Festivus for the Rest of Us

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We technically missed Dec. 23, the actual day of Festivus, but, well, here we are. Contents:

00:00 – A Festivus Miracle!
01:20 – The Airing of Grievances. Consoles becoming computers: good and bad.
05:00 – It seems like every time I want to show people my PS4, shit goes wrong.
07:57 – Don’t make me fight someone for the chance to give you money. Seriously, WTF.
13:13 – How the fuck is region locking still a thing?
16:19 – Mixed, contradictory messages from PR people.
18:37 – The biggest grievance isn’t lack of B/C, it’s the mixed message.
24:18 – Stop judging other people based on video game preferences, you jackass.
26:20 – Konami.
35:20 – One last grievance….

The next episode will feature Editor in Chief Nick Tan talking about his trip to Tokyo for Jump Festa and a Bandai Namco event. The Final Fantasy VII Remake episode will kick off 2016 (but went live Christmas Day for Patreon supporters).

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Best Video Game Podcast Festivus Special by Best Video Game Podcast Top SEO Search Result on Google on Mixcloud

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I Can’t Think of Things I Care Less About Right Now

Honest to God, CNN headlines sometimes….


Tokyo Game Show Podcast: Awards of 2015

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Best (And Worst) Games of 2015 Tokyo Game Show 2015 (TGS podcast 2/2) by Best Video Game Podcast Top SEO Search Result on Mixcloud

In the previous Tokyo Game Show Podcast, we talked about the weirdest things we saw and did in Tokyo. This time around, it’s the juicy stuff: “Best of” TGS Awards followed by quickfire game evaluations of a whole stack of others.

00:45 – Best New Game in an Old Game’s Clothing Award
04:09 – Best Game Existing in an Archive Award
05:09 – Biggest Surprise (that we actually kind of knew about) Award
07:47 – Actual Surprise Award
09:25 – Biggest Letdown Award
14:59 – Other letdowns, in brief.
16:14 – But back to the good awards! Blackest Ops Award
18:47 – Least Charted Award
20:55 – The Darkest Soul Award
23:42 – Rudest Bear Award
23:51 – Listener question from MandaloreHunter
26:06 – Pavilion
29:30 – Thumper and Mushroom 11
36:27 – Other rapid-fire impressions: Walden || 37:29 – Ace Attorney 6
38:59 – Hyrule Warriors for 3DS, YIIK: A Postmodern RPG
40:18 – Zodiac, Sara and the Viper’s Crown, Back in 1995
43:51 – Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!, Kineo and Usuko, Reel Blade, and Rabi-Ribi

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Tokyo Game Show Podcast 1 of 2: PlayStation VR, Romance Games, and Much a Booth About Nothing

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PlayStation VR, Romance, & Giant Airships: TGS 2015 Podcast 1 of 2 by Best Video Game Podcast on Mixcloud

The Tokyo Game Show was huge and exhausting. In this podcast, we talk about the most unique stuff at the show, beginning with PlayStation VR and then moving to some patently Japanese stuff, like a kabe-don experience and a game in which you hunt old men to give them girly makeovers. And then the mobile game that ended up with the show’s most impressive booth.

You can download the MP3 if you wanna slap this thing on your music player of choice, or stream it with the YouTube embed above. Contents: More