A Rewarding Moment for a Teacher

Background: My English students keep diaries.  They write example uses of the things we do in class, details from their daily lives, and whatever interests them.  Then I check them at the beginning of class and give them specific pointers; we learn from our mistakes and it helps keep them sharp.

More background: We also build lessons around movies sometimes.  Frozen is a popular one, so for a class one time, we watched it, slowed to 90% speed for their non-native years.  When we watch these, I stop the movie at times to talk about what’s happening, point out uses of our most recently studied vocab words, ask “What did he/she say?” and so on.   (And before you ask, yes, our classes are long enough.  Three hour lessons, baby.)

Twelve-year-old Miku wrote about going and seeing the movie in Japanese at a local theater.  She then wrote, “I like the English Frozen better.”  Talk about a great feeling for a teacher.  That made my whole week.

It would have been so much easier for a kid to shift into autopilot and prefer the version in her own native language, but her hard work and acquired skill let her consider things differently.  In short, she’s got it!

If you’re a foreign language teacher and wanna copy my ideas, by the way, go for it.  Some schools are all protective of “our special method” and crap like that.  Nah, not me.  Knowledge is for everyone.  So have at it, world.