And then I was like “What kind of medicine is this?”

And the doctors were like “Where?  In your IV?  Not medicine, just water.” 

Lying on an operating table, I’d been waiting for the medicine to kick in, because all of my American friends/family members told me that you get really doped up and a little loopy when you get a colonoscopy, and that you can’t feel anything.  Several minutes of feeling everything and being rather uncomfortable had me wondering if they should up my dosage of whatever was in my drip.  Well, that wouldn’t have done much, because the IV was just some mineral water.

According to my wife, my groans could be heard in the hallways.  I was alternating between moans of discomfort and crackin’ bilingual jokes that were making the staff laugh.  You see?  I give and I give and I give, and what do I get in return?  A butt camera with no anesthetic.

Follow-up appointment is on the 16th to see what the lab determines about the strange bump they pulled outta me, and what (if anything) needs to be done about it.

On the bright side, the polyp they clipped out of me — again, without any anesthetic — isn’t cancerous or anything. So that’s cool.

I have enclosed 2 pictures of the mascot from my colonoscopy preparation manual that the hospital gave me.  His name: Colonoscopy Elephant.  Look at him, there he is with his camera trunk, pointing at charts and drinking his laxative!  Haha…ha…ah, oo, ow, wow it hurts to laugh.

colonoscopy-elephant colonoscopy-elephant2