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A Disney Song Broke My Foot

So everyone loves that song from Frozen, Let it Go.  Lemme tell ya, it’s just as hot in Japan as anywhere else.  As a result, kids all over the country are working it into their English studies.  There’s a Japanese version (whose lyrics are quite different), but the preference seems to be on the original; this gets no objection from me, as I support the original language almost all the time.  I’m not even sick of it yet, which surprises me, since I hear it every time I go to the preschool, every time I go to the junior high school, and every time a certain pair of students come to my house for their English lessons.  More

When Someone Asks for an Ambulance, Call the Ambulance (Part 3)

The third and most frustrating example of the ambulance non-call involved a coworker named Kumiko. More

Again: Call the Friggin’ Ambulance

(Continued from this post.)
This happened twice more in Japan. The first time in Japan (second overall in my life) was more life-threatening, but the second time was more frustrating. Ready to again be amazed at human stupidity?

When Someone Says “Call an Ambulance”

…The following actions are not acceptable, or should only be taken after the requested ambulance is summoned: More

A Rewarding Moment for a Teacher

Background: My English students keep diaries.  They write example uses of the things we do in class, details from their daily lives, and whatever interests them.  Then I check them at the beginning of class and give them specific pointers; we learn from our mistakes and it helps keep them sharp.

More background: We also More

Your Actions: They Have Consequences

“Aw man,” Chris lamented, “They don’t let you take ketchup packets anymore.”  More

“I’ll take a rain check”

No you won’t, because I don’t sell redeemable fucking tickets to my house.

Some People Won’t Listen – Pt. 2

Fate is funny. I feel like someone read my previous post and set out on a mission to reinact the situation. Listen to how similar these two stories are.

Mrs. Tamura isn’t the half-crazy xenophobe that Michio is, but she does, like anyone, have some pre-conceived notions about other cultures. Hey, we’re all human, we all have our mistaken assumptions and we all believe a few things that aren’t quite true. But even she couldn’t let go of something in the face of contradictory evidence. More


Of the days I’ve been missing, 5 of them have been spent checked into a Japanese hospital.  I’m back and will be posting stuff again shortly.

Some People Will Not Listen to You. Ever.

“Do you like sakura?” a man named Michio asked me.

“Yes,” I replied, “I think they’re gorgeous.”  I had no idea this conversation was going to become very interesting, and then downright perplexing. More