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No, Stupid, Caffeine Does Not Dehydrate You

I love when some asshole sees me drinking a caffeinated beverage and says, “You know that dehydrates you.”  This confirms that I’m talking to someone who gets his/her knowledge of the world from old wives’ tales rather that actual findings of actual scientists and helps me greatly in weeding out unhelpful sacks from my social circle.  More

Final Fantasy X HD Thoughts (PlayStation Vita game)

I was delighted to play Final Fantasy X on the PlayStation Vita recently. I didn’t think I’d like an FFX replay as much as I did, though it should be noted that the biggest factors in this were not the new HD visuals, but the never-before-seen content that North America never got.  I wrote this article, thinking about my current feelings versus the 18-year-old version of myself that played the game all those years ago. Final Fantasy X Then and Now: Has the Game Changed or Have I?  When I got around to Final Fantasy X-2 HD, it was my first time through, so my writeup was less nostalgia and more describing simple likes and dislikes of the base game and how well it does or doesn’t hold up in 2014. I went on to review the Vita game.  It’s also available on PS3, which I hear has (understandably) better graphics, but I prefer the Vita’s portability.  More

Keep Learning That Foreign Language, Gramps

They say adults can’t learn languages as easily as children, and this is true.  It’s a total myth, however, to say that no progress or proficiency in a foreign language can be attained as an adult.  I didn’t start learning Japanese till I was 19 (and took like 2 years off from it some time later).  Now at 30, I bust that shit out by day and dream in it by night.  I’m not gonna overhype it and say I’m perfect, but I can hang.  My wife didn’t start till she was 20 or 21.  Now she can read a Japanese novel with no problems and completely understand JP movies without subtitles.  There are plenty of other similar stories out there.  If you’re dedicated, you can pull it off.  Plus, the learning process slows down the aging of your brain.  How about that?

And then I was like “What kind of medicine is this?”

And the doctors were like “Where?  In your IV?  Not medicine, just water.”  More

Emails: How to Save Your Ass

When typing an email, especially one in which you have any sort of heightened emotion — I’m talking anger, sensuality, sadness, even happiness — do not fill in the “To:” field until you are ready to send the message.  You might not want to send any message at all, in certain emotional states, but if you do, you want ot make damn sure you have as close to perfect a message as you can possibly have.  If you accidentally end up sending that shit prematurely?  Uh oh.  Making the outgoing email address the final thing you write just might save your ass from burning some bridges.  And your face.

Japan’s Tax Increase: Game Industry Impact?

Japan just got its first national consumption tax increase in 17 years. Last time this happened, it set off a nearly decade-long recession. This time around, the game industry has a cheap competitor to worry about: phones. Back in 1997, you were lucky if your phone did anything other than make calls; today, that might be one of its least-used features. While many view mobile games as inferior, the mass market has spoken: the mobile game audience is getting bigger and spending more money every year, while the console and gaming handheld sectors are struggling to keep up with their glory days. I wrote about all this and more at Game Revolution.  Read on: Japan’s Tax Hike Bad News for Game Industry?

Social Networks

“Hey Heath, why dontcha use Facebook and like Twitter and stuff?”

Twitter and Facebook are designed to become addictions with cheap little tricks that convince your brain to release dopamine.  I will therefore only use their services to remind you that I am awesome, and for no other reason.  Facebook is for people who are afraid of being alone and Twitter is for people who are afraid of dying.  I fear neither of these.  I therefore have no need to be an active participant within their services.

But since anyone successful has to do it, and you have to have it, here’s this.  Again, I’m not gonna be on there every day, so don’t get all upset or surprised if I’m not around for a while.  But if you want to follow me, I guess there’s that.

Useless Vita Apps Incoming

As a Sony Vita-owning NHL fan and NHL Game Center subscriber, I can still confidently declare that there is no chance in hell I will be watching NHL games on my Vita.  Full story at Game Revolution.

And she was all like…

“Blah blah blah you never listen to me blah blabbity blah,” or some shit.

To do list

-Ship up to Boston
-Find wooden leg