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PS4 Exclusive Deep Down is PS4 Exclusive, Deep Down

If you didn’t know any better, More

8 Ways to Save Big Money on College Books

It’s back to school season, so I want to tell the upcoming college freshmen — and those going back for another year — the real deal about your school books.  I kicked ass at the college book game and saved huge amounts of money, and here’s how you can, too. More

7 Losing UFC Fight Night 48/49 Fighters I Can’t Wait to See Again

Whether they were finished after a spectacular brawl or just victims of blind judges; be they young upstarts or past their primes, there were several fighters on the losing side who I’d love to see fight again soon. More

Robin Williams: A Personal, Heartfelt Thank You

Like many people, I’m saddened by the news that Robin Williams is no longer with us.  Also like many, I was touched by his life and work.  I made a little tribute video in which I talk about why I admired him so much on a personal level.  So here’s that.

Rest in Peace.

The Greatest Tweet Ever? Not Really, But Still…

trollboy your2

Things I learned from this:
1) You can be completely cordial with someone, but if you’re actively disagreeing with their opinion on something, you can (and often will) be seen as hostile and may be called a “troll.”

2) I apparently have a “career as blogger.” I thought I was just some asshole with a blog, but here we are with a career now.


Clown College? You can’t eat that.

Me: “Because my other doctor is a clown college.”
Translator: (In Japanese: Dr. Omichi was bad.) 大道先生が悪かった。
Me: “No, tell him the other guy was a clown college.”
Translator: “I said.”
Me: “You said that he was ‘bad.’ You didn’t call him a clown college. This is important.”
Translator: “You mean his university was the school for clowns?”
Me: “No, he is the clown college. Say Dr. Omichi was a clown college. Say it. Say ‘Clown college.'”
Translator: “Mr. Heath, I think Doctor will be–”
Me: (In Japanese: He was a clown college.) かれは,ピエロ大学でした。

Girls Und Panzer Review (PS Vita)

I finished and reviewed Girls Und Panzer for the PlayStation Vita.  The game was surprisingly good.  I thought it would be some anime throwaway fan service shovelware, but I was mistaken in the best way.  It’s hard to put it down and work on my next assignment Freedom Wars.  Just too good.

NYPD Comments Remind Us That Racism is Still Huge in America

So I was reading that thing about those cops that abused their power and murdered a guy.  Oh wait, you need me to be more specific?  More

Last of Us Remastered: King of Headlines

I think maybe The Last of Us Remastered is kind of a big deal.


(Screenshot of N4G’s front page as of July 17 around noon JST.  The game takes up the 4 highest-ranking stories on the site.  The 5th is another Naughty Dog game, coincidentally.)

Why Price Shouldn’t be a Factor in Game Review Scores

At Game Revolution, I wrote a new Most Interesting Gamer piece about prices and game reviews.  I have to include “scores” because… well, game industry and all that.  Scores are silly, but they’re what everyone focuses on.  Oh well, right?  So here it is:

I Review Games, Not Prices.

If you like it or hate it, by all means comment at the bottom of that article or throw me a Tweet.