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Lost a Good Friend

In May, a friend of mine passed away before her time. She suffered from MS, but you’d never have known it just by talking to her. More

No, Stupid, Caffeine Does Not Dehydrate You

I love when some asshole sees me drinking a caffeinated beverage and says, “You know that dehydrates you.”  This confirms that I’m talking to someone who gets his/her knowledge of the world from old wives’ tales rather that actual findings of actual scientists and helps me greatly in weeding out unhelpful sacks from my social circle.  More

Keep Learning That Foreign Language, Gramps

They say adults can’t learn languages as easily as children, and this is true.  It’s a total myth, however, to say that no progress or proficiency in a foreign language can be attained as an adult.  I didn’t start learning Japanese till I was 19 (and took like 2 years off from it some time later).  Now at 30, I bust that shit out by day and dream in it by night.  I’m not gonna overhype it and say I’m perfect, but I can hang.  My wife didn’t start till she was 20 or 21.  Now she can read a Japanese novel with no problems and completely understand JP movies without subtitles.  There are plenty of other similar stories out there.  If you’re dedicated, you can pull it off.  Plus, the learning process slows down the aging of your brain.  How about that?