Man What’s it Like to be Troy Crosby?

And then you search for “Crosby” and you’re obviously looking for Sid, but… then, wait… More

This is Exactly the Problem

Here’s why the Toronto Maple Leafs are in for at least another half decade of misery, if not a whole lot more: More

I Hope Nash is OK

According to, someone named Nash forgets he’s lost 12 months of his memories:


They’ve really gotta do something about these concussions.

This Poll is Missing the Best Answer

Martin Brodeur announced his retirement from pro hockey recently, so posted a poll about his most memorable moments. The problem is, it’s missing the clear winner.  Just look: More

Powerful Pens Prospect Pouliot Puts Puck Past Panthers

That’s what I’d write if I were a sports journalist.


What I learned from lukewarm British hockey fans

Overall, this video wasn’t super helpful for me, as I am a dedicated fan of the sport in general outside of the video game, whereas these guys are not. Yet I couldn’t stop listening to their commentary. More