Betway Commercial Embraces Gambling Addiction

It’s rare that a commercial — apart from perhaps beer commercials — openly mocks the users of its product or service. Below, we see Betway advertising its sports gambling service. Take a look at the behavior of the user:

He’s just like a true gambling addict. He’s swept up in it. He’s oblivious to the life-threating danger all around him. He’s about to get eaten by very real sharks, but all he can do is tie every single piece of information about his reality to the prospect of winning a sports bet.

Look at the way his fingers twiddle with delight as he talks about dropping a bet, all the while demonstrating what it’s really like to be 100% addicted to something.

“Always a game to bet on?” Holy fucking shit, this commercial is subtly encouraging you to never stop gambling.

It ends with “For love of the game,” and it wants you to think that means football/soccer. No, that’s referring to the game of gambling, but the target audience won’t know that. Betway wants them to think they’re just being hardcore football fans when they log in and bet a few pounds.

This, friends, is one hell of a bold commercial. And when you think about it, kind of uncomfortable.

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