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Yakuza 5 Review (in English, Hey Hey)

I played and finished Yakuza 5 this winter.  I started in December, took my sweet time with it, finished up in February and wrote this Yakuza 5 review. More

I can’t believe what an asshole I am

I was just crying because of a bunch of really sad shit, and what got me to start laughing was thinking about all the different ways I could make fun of Square Enix.

Yeah, Game Websites Are Shameful for Posting About Games – Your Stupid

I tells ya there should be a cutoff point for game popularity! I tells ya once it gets too popular then game websites should just stop writing about them! Nevermind that it’s the game everyone’s playing and the game everyone wants to talk about! Game websites have a civic duty to not do that! They should steer the conversation elsewhere, lest people grow too fond of some games! Or wait, this guy says it even better: More

In the Land of the Blind, the Man With One Eye is King – Your Stupid


Disagree Online? Don’t Worry, Some Brave Soul Will Diagnose You

When you write opinion pieces, people don’t see it that way. To an amazingly high number of people, your opinions are alleged facts. Moreover, if you feel one way about something and they feel another way, people are quick to diagnose you with some kind of problem. As herd animals, maybe this shouldn’t come as a big surprise, but I find myself constantly amused by humans’ inability to disagree without throwing around labels and personal psychiatric evaluations. Check out this comment I recently received on a preview I wrote: More

Tokyo Game Show 2014

So I haven’t been writing anything here because I’ve been too busy writing awesome stuff about the Tokyo Game Show. Check out the best of it here: More

What I learned from lukewarm British hockey fans

Overall, this video wasn’t super helpful for me, as I am a dedicated fan of the sport in general outside of the video game, whereas these guys are not. Yet I couldn’t stop listening to their commentary. More

First Grim Fandango PS4 gameplay footage

Cut to about 3:15 of the video: More

PS4 Exclusive Deep Down is PS4 Exclusive, Deep Down

If you didn’t know any better, More

Girls Und Panzer Review (PS Vita)

I finished and reviewed Girls Und Panzer for the PlayStation Vita.  The game was surprisingly good.  I thought it would be some anime throwaway fan service shovelware, but I was mistaken in the best way.  It’s hard to put it down and work on my next assignment Freedom Wars.  Just too good.