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5 Years ago. Or almost 10.

But hey — five, nine….the hell’s the difference, right?


Clint Can’t Handle Widespread Negative Reviews of His Favorite Games


Whatever You Give People Is Never Enough

This comment was in response to a Kickstarter campaign. Interested gamers were getting a game they are very eager to play, but never thought would exist, among tongs and tons of tier-based rewards and stretch goal upgrades. However…one guy feels like he’s still owed something. More

What Were You Expecting?

Saw this: More

~Eeevery Book is Awesooooome~

There’s nothing like lowering your standards, except announcing that you’ve totally lowered your standards.


I agree with this poster’s enjoyment of The Hunger Games, but… every single book being taken to the screen is great? Every?

Sunday to Saturday is Now Only…6 Days? – Your Stupid

6daysaweekIn fact, the whole thread is phenomenal.

Did… Did I Make It?

A long time ago I wrote a review of a somewhat mediocre fighting game called Tales of Vs. Today I opened Twitter and saw one person’s reaction to it.


Has this guy ever BEEN to America?

I don’t think so, after reading his advice to others.


Your Stupid: Replying With Your Political Agenda Edition

When someone gives just one reason that an online-only game console can’t work at this point in time, someone else decides to get in there and hate anyone who isn’t rich: More

You’re a Fanboy Unless You Agree With Me – Your Stupid

Not only that, this guy will write “opinion” with “quotation marks,” as if your views aren’t the only questionable thing, but even that you dare call them your “opinion.” How dare you! Here we go: More