Clown College? You can’t eat that.

Me: “Because my other doctor is a clown college.”
Translator: (In Japanese: Dr. Omichi was bad.) 大道先生が悪かった。
Me: “No, tell him the other guy was a clown college.”
Translator: “I said.”
Me: “You said that he was ‘bad.’ You didn’t call him a clown college. This is important.”
Translator: “You mean his university was the school for clowns?”
Me: “No, he is the clown college. Say Dr. Omichi was a clown college. Say it. Say ‘Clown college.'”
Translator: “Mr. Heath, I think Doctor will be–”
Me: (In Japanese: He was a clown college.) かれは,ピエロ大学でした。