Did… Did I Make It?

A long time ago I wrote a review of a somewhat mediocre fighting game called Tales of Vs. Today I opened Twitter and saw one person’s reaction to it.

Forgive me, but these are screencapped right from Twitter, so you’ll have to scroll to the bottom and then read upward.


tales-of-vs-psp-twitter-rage2tales-of-vs-psp-twitter-rage1…Holy fucking shit.

The funny thing is, I like Tales games and even wrote this editorial on how Square Enix could learn some things from the Tales team. But things like that matter not when your brain is on rabies.

But things start to make even less sense when you look closer.

Turns out, this psychopath didn’t just zero-in on me. He/she/it gives this same speech, with most of it copied word for word, to pretty much anyone he/she/it disagrees with about anything at all, from Breaking Bad episode rankings to game localization decisions and probably the color of the sky. Look at this:

tales-of-vs-psp-twitter-rage5That’s to Bandai Namco, the publisher of the Tales series he/she/it was so vehemently praising earlier. Is this a bot? I can’t tell.

You can check out the Twitter name and look at the Tweets & replies section from some good hilarity if you want. (And hit me with a Follow while you’re at it?)

…So ah, what did YOU wake up to on New Year’s Day?