Final Fantasy X HD Thoughts (PlayStation Vita game)

I was delighted to play Final Fantasy X on the PlayStation Vita recently. I didn’t think I’d like an FFX replay as much as I did, though it should be noted that the biggest factors in this were not the new HD visuals, but the never-before-seen content that North America never got.  I wrote this article, thinking about my current feelings versus the 18-year-old version of myself that played the game all those years ago. Final Fantasy X Then and Now: Has the Game Changed or Have I?  When I got around to Final Fantasy X-2 HD, it was my first time through, so my writeup was less nostalgia and more describing simple likes and dislikes of the base game and how well it does or doesn’t hold up in 2014. I went on to review the Vita game.  It’s also available on PS3, which I hear has (understandably) better graphics, but I prefer the Vita’s portability. 

I can already play the game on the big screen, and while I love good graphics, they don’t make me re-purchase a game.  They never have and they never will.  You can view that as a strength or a weakness if you want.  To me, it’s a strength.  I don’t go throwing money around for games I’ve already played based on visuals alone, so score a win for my bank account.