Kim Jong Un’s Finest: Testing Water Slides

If tasked with telling you just what the son of the Dear Leader does when going about his Dearest, Leaderest business, I’d probably guess nodding seriously while sitting around tables, scratching his chin while people in suits point at charts, clapping for special performances of song and dance, and enthusiastically reading speeches written by the best and brightest people whose names are completely unknown.

I laughed, however, to find out that he took some 113 looks at the plans for a waterpark, and then assigned his top officials to test out the water slides. Here’s a CNN screengrab:

Click to embiggen.

Click to embiggen.

I get a kick out of someone saluting, looking stern, saying “Yes sir Dear Leader sir!” and then, still in a suit because of course still in a suit, going down a water slide.

The mental image gets particularly hilarious if there is indeed a defect, and like, the guy takes a really awkward spill.
“Your Leaderness, I *gah*, think I did find — ooo, hurts to move that — did find a, how can I explain this, a problem.”

I also don’t know if they really call him the Dear Leader or not. That might have just been his dad. His dead dad.

Still. Funny thing.