What Were You Expecting?

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Lost a Good Friend

In May, a friend of mine passed away before her time. She suffered from MS, but you’d never have known it just by talking to her. More

Foreigners in Japan: Not a Language Barrier, But a Stupid Barrier

If you’re foreign in Japan, there isn’t just a prevailing assumption that you don’t speak Japanese, there’s an assumption that you are completely stupid.

Ever see Lost in Translation? That scene where Bill Murray keeps doing something wrong, but he doesn’t know what, during a commercial shoot in Japan? The director speaks for paragraphs, but the translator only says five words to him. It’s a famous scene, and one I particularly love, because it summarizes how often miscommunications happen in Japan, even when your Japanese is plenty good enough, or even perfect.

The above in mind, here’s what happened I went in for an MRI the other day…


New Podcast: Metroidvania Mania (Bloodstained, Kickstarter, and Iga)

We recorded a podcast about a video game genre that gets its name (or nickname) from the mashing together of its two most famous titles; indeed, we talked about Metroidvanias.

You can download the MP3 right here, or stream it below this table of contents: More

~Eeevery Book is Awesooooome~

There’s nothing like lowering your standards, except announcing that you’ve totally lowered your standards.


I agree with this poster’s enjoyment of The Hunger Games, but… every single book being taken to the screen is great? Every?

Buildings Burn Down

Man you just never know.

Yakuza Zero Podcast (2 of 2) – Best Video Game Podcast

Here is the second half of our discussion about Yakuza. This one focuses on the most recent game, Yakuza 0 (Ryu Ga Gotoku Zero) for PS3 and PS4. You can download the MP3 here or stream it below: More

Man What’s it Like to be Troy Crosby?

And then you search for “Crosby” and you’re obviously looking for Sid, but… then, wait… More

A Yakuza Podcast

So here’s a podcast about Yakuza. It’s part 1 of 2. If you want to download it, then click here to download the MP3.

If you want to stream it, there’s this:

Yakuza Series, Spoiler Free (Yakuza podcast pt 1 of 2) Best Video Game Podcast Ep. 1-A by Bestvideogamepodcast on Mixcloud

Want a time-stamped table to show you exactly what we talk about and when? Here ya go:

0:00:00 – Intro
0:02:01 – The Yakuza series in 1 minute
0:03:33 – Our experience with the series so far
0:05:50 – Yakuza is NOT like GTA
0:08:53 – Which game should you start with?
0:16:01 – Should you import the games? Which ones?
0:18:45 – Importing Yakuza Ishin and Yakuza Zero
0:24:33 – Yakuza’s hurdles to localization
0:30:20 – Sega’s marketing (or lack thereof)
0:34:15 – Tropes vs. Yakuza
0:40:41 – In-depth discussion of Yakuza Zero
0:44:05 – Why make a prequel with these characters?
0:47:40 – Japan’s 1988 economic bubble
0:53:12 – Bubble-era pop culture: beepers, disco and more
0:59:30 – 1988 Kamurocho and Soutenbori
1:03:25 – Creeping out random NPCs
1:08:08 – Combat in Yakuza Zero
1:18:20 – Making it rain: money in Zero
1:20:54 – Sexual content and objectification
1:29:50 – The future of the Yakuza series

Eventually we’re going open up a Patreon, because this action right here took like six weeks to record, edit, upload and all that jazz. So…yeah. Gonna need some help. So, if you like it, and like what we’ve done in the past, we’d love if you’d kick in a dollar or two, so as videos and podcasts can come more regularly.

“The Butt’s Rife With Acne”

What I actually said was, “The bus ride was agony.”

So yeah, speech-to-text software still has a ways to go.