I’ll Answer 2 of Life’s Great Questions Right Now

Millions of people wrestle with these questions every day. I’m here to help.
Question 1: Am I ready to get married?
Answer: No. No one is ever ready to get married. More

Imagine: Not Using Facebook! Oh no! The Horror

Man do I love CNN’s inside look at North Korea. First it was the secret life of waterslide inspection, now they reveal that students inside North Korean school must endure hardships such as — brace yourself — not knowing Facebook!

That's the worst thing they could dig up? That's the hook?

That’s the worst thing they could dig up? That’s the hook?

North Korea doesn’t sound any scarier than my grandparents.

Don’t Recline on Airplanes, You Asshole (Unless You Know it’s Cool)

When you’re on a commercial flight and you want to recline, look behind you first. It takes five seconds, does no harm, and could save you and another person some problems.

As I write this, some clown who can. Not. Get. Enough of bouncing around in his chair decided to recline and just about crush my laptop screen. More

Kim Jong Un’s Finest: Testing Water Slides

If tasked with telling you just what the son of the Dear Leader does when going about his Dearest, Leaderest business, I’d probably guess nodding seriously while sitting around tables, scratching his chin while people in suits point at charts, clapping for special performances of song and dance, and enthusiastically reading speeches written by the best and brightest people whose names are completely unknown.

I laughed, however, to find out that he took some 113 looks at the plans for a waterpark, and then assigned his top officials to test out the water slides. Here’s a CNN screengrab: More

This is Exactly the Problem

Here’s why the Toronto Maple Leafs are in for at least another half decade of misery, if not a whole lot more: More

I Hope Nash is OK

According to NHL.com, someone named Nash forgets he’s lost 12 months of his memories:


They’ve really gotta do something about these concussions.

One And Done

That was quick.


Metal Gear Solid V Will Not Be Kojima’s Last

Edit: Well, that kinda got weird.

Original post:

Hideo Kojima is at it again. Don’t believe the hype.

Recently, Kojima stated that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain would be the final Metal Gear Solid title. Or maybe he said it was his last one as a director. Something.

He does this all the time. I think this has happened since, like, Metal Gear Solid 2? He always says the current game is the last one, or at the very least that it’s his last one. The statement means nothing, at this point.

Yakuza 5 Review (in English, Hey Hey)

I played and finished Yakuza 5 this winter.  I started in December, took my sweet time with it, finished up in February and wrote this Yakuza 5 review. More

This Poll is Missing the Best Answer

Martin Brodeur announced his retirement from pro hockey recently, so NHL.com posted a poll about his most memorable moments. The problem is, it’s missing the clear winner.  Just look: More