Sunday to Saturday is Now Only…6 Days? – Your Stupid

6daysaweekIn fact, the whole thread is phenomenal.

Did… Did I Make It?

A long time ago I wrote a review of a somewhat mediocre fighting game called Tales of Vs. Today I opened Twitter and saw one person’s reaction to it.


Has this guy ever BEEN to America?

I don’t think so, after reading his advice to others.


Don’t Worry, Ken

I don’t think the strikethrough is what you need to worry about. More

Your Stupid: Replying With Your Political Agenda Edition

When someone gives just one reason that an online-only game console can’t work at this point in time, someone else decides to get in there and hate anyone who isn’t rich: More

Can You See What I Love About This?

It’s not the flying car… More

Good Xmas tunes in 8-Bit Hymnal 2: Christmas

It’s a little late for Christmas, but if you’re like me and having your celebration on the 28th, then hey, it’s still in time for you.

I just found 8-Bit Hymnal 2: Christmas, and I find it to be a delightful mix of chip tunes (think “sounds like Nintendo”) and classic Christmas songs. You can get it for free but I recommend leaving a tip for the creator. He went to all that work to make something that we can enjoy for years, plus, hey man, it’s Christmas. Still.

Powerful Pens Prospect Pouliot Puts Puck Past Panthers

That’s what I’d write if I were a sports journalist.


Skype Translator isn’t much, but certainly a start

The sentences these kids are using (scripted) are very basic, and Spanish and English are similar enough to begin with, but the thing has to start somewhere.  This is an interesting little video that previews the future of Skype and, well, maybe the future of… the future.

I can’t believe what an asshole I am

I was just crying because of a bunch of really sad shit, and what got me to start laughing was thinking about all the different ways I could make fun of Square Enix.