A Line of Thinking That Bothers Me

Gamez Jarnalizm is a gold mine of dumb quotes and unsympathetic authors.  Here’s something that made me shake my head.

First, the headline by amateur game news website Gimmie Gimmie Games:

last gen tomb raider

(Click to embiggen)

I love (read: hate) the first two sentences, “Here’s some disappointing news for Tomb Raider fans. It appears that Rise of the Tomb Raider, thought to be only for PS4/Xbox One and set to release holiday 2015, may be a cross-gen title.”

That’s “disappointing news” for Tomb Raider fans? What about the Tomb Raider fans who don’t have an Xbox One or a PS4 yet? What about the Tomb Raider fans who don’t value graphics very much and could see themselves picking up a second-hand copy of a last-gen Rise of the Tomb Raider somewhere down the line instead of paying the current gen price?

Is that the popular decision? Probably not. Will some people out there throw up their hands and say some inane bullshit that represents their complete inability to understand someone else’s lifestyle? Certainly.

I wouldn’t be making this post if this were the first time I saw this kind of thinking on display.  I see this all the time.

People like different things. People have different values. People have different lifestyles. Gamers do this thing where they preach that their own choices, preferences, and decisions are the best and only things that should be done. Chill. Just because someone out there (prediction: more than “some”) would still rather not spend half a grand updating to the newest round of game consoles doesn’t automatically make them — as the article above implies — not a Tomb Raider fan.

And while I’m griping about Gimmie Gimmie Games, here’s this:


Don’t use the singular “has” and then “their.” They don’t go together here. Everybody makes typos, but come on, that’s your footer we’re talking about. Fix your English before you go whining that more people will be able to play a video game.