Who and What is Heath?

Heath Hindman loves writing.  He even writes about himself in the third person. I am He is even doing so right now.

Okay ah, I’m gonna stop that now.

I’m the Japanese editor at PlayStation LifeStyle.  Check out my posts over there.  If I write anything particularly noteworthy and/or rad, I’ll post it on the blogroll here too.

I’m a frequent contributor to Game Revolution.  They don’t have that easy author lookup, but my best articles often fall under the Most Interesting Gamer in the World tag.

I’ve been the Editor in Chief at RPGLand for a decade, though admittedly I’ve been way too super freaking busy to do a whole lot with it this last year or so.  I hope to change that soon.  At one point, the site was pretty glorious with daily updates and several thousand visitors per day.  I’d like to reach that again.  A lot of my writing on the site isn’t too hot, since it dates back to like 2002.  Still, RPGLand was a great place to cut my teeth.  Fond memories, great people, good times — and more to come.

I have ambitions of getting some of these scribblings down and organized and into a published format.  I’m working on a lot of different projects, including fiction.  Some day, it’ll be published and you’ll hear about it on this website.  And then you can tell me how much it sucks or how many rainbows it caused to shoot out of your eyes.  Whichever.  No middle ground.

Until that time, enjoy (or don’t enjoy) the posts about video games, Japan, and general observations of life.




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  1. John Weber
    May 06, 2014 @ 00:59:29

    You sir, are a delight.


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