Your Actions: They Have Consequences

“Aw man,” Chris lamented, “They don’t let you take ketchup packets anymore.” 

Chris was upset because a fast food joint in our town switched over to little white cups into which you had to manually dispense ketchup.

“You just get ketchup right there,” I said, pointing to the dispenser.  “Probably less mess than the stupid packets anyway. Plus you don’t have to squirt it all over your wrappers or anything weird like that.”

“Yeah but before you could grab like 50 of those things and take ’em home and get like free ketchup.  Man this is some bullshit.”

“Well Chris,” I hypothesized, “This bullshit might have something to do with customers taking home ‘like 50’ ketchup packets at a time in an attempt to pass a portion of their grocery bills onto the restaurant.”

Chris still pocketed excessive amounts of toilet paper.   I would have thought napkins to be his silver medal, but then, none of us really knew Chris.